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Date:2012-3-4 20:33:54

Product Description:

Application:  Sign board process, badge, mold manufacturing, wood processing, craft manufacturing, light box cutting, building model cutting, indoor decoration cutting, acrylic board engraving&cutting, art carve, sign and label etc.


Features and specialties

1. Integrated optimized design and high quality aluminum alloy frame, which ensure solid and warp-proof

2. unspace ball screw using Germany technology, aligning with high power driving motor and imported coupling, that make movement stable and work precise in a long time.

3. high power non-brushing motor, NCVT, power saving, lower noise, strong cutting capability, which ensure a batch process for a long time.

4. Restoring function enable the machine stop running automatically while power off, and automatically restart to work when power on,and also can store the break point from which for later operation to start, with the function of anticipating working time, auto tool sensor, the rotating speed and processing depth could be adjusted optionally.

Advertising CNC Router



雕刻范围/working range

雕刻高度/Z travel


雕刻速度/working speed


驱动方式/stepper motor

电源/power supply


TS1212                       TS1218                      TS1224

   1200×1200mm            1200×1800mm              1200×2400mm

   80mm                 80mm                        80mm  



1.5Kw-2.2Kw可选 optional

步进电机 stepper motor


国产或进口 专业雕刻软件 Type3 ArtCAM,Wentai




None!   Wood CNC working router TS1325
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